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Specialization and 2 Reasons I Only Work With Hospitals

I am not talking about retail… there are many cases of “shop here and find it all.” I am talking about expertise.

Think about the stories of when Steve Jobs came back to apple as interim CEO in the late 90's. Apple was struggling because they were trying to do too much which caused their quality to suffer. When Steve got there he cut much of what they were doing. He limited their scope to four items. Two laptops – one for consumers, one for professionals. Two desktops – one for consumers, one for professionals. The rest as they say is history.

When I meet new people both personally and professionally they ask what I do. When I tell them I work with hospitals on their uses of emerging technologies. I usually get a response like, “Hospitals only? That seems very specific!”

They are right. It is very specific, and I have found the more I stay true to my calling the busier I get.

If you specialize you become very valuable to those you serve, which can be a double edged sword depending on industry.

Here are the two real simple reasons I only work with hospitals (and related physicians):

  1. It is what I know – I have never professed to be an expert but I have worked in and around hospitals for some time now. I can speak their language both in operations and marketing. This help me bring a certain level of credibility to table which allows us to get down to business quicker.
  2. It is what I love – I have a great time dealing with hospitals. It is really that simple.

Question: How has specialization help you in your personal or professional life?

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Reed Smith

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