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Clemson Mini MBA for Healthcare Professionals

Clemson_wordmarkAt the end of the month I am lucky enough to have been invited to teach at Clemson University for a newly launched Mini MBA Program. This opportunity came about though a great professional and personal relationship I have with Bobby Rettew. Bobby is a thought leader in many areas but in my eyes especially around storytelling (not to mention he is a 6 time Emmy winner!)

I think what Clemson is doing is great, but you maybe asking yourself what is a Mini MBA program? Here is the elevator pitch via Clemson:

In five Friday seminars you will sharpen your leadership skills, learn advanced marketing techniques, build ROI decision making processes, develop methods for successful project execution and devise a successful business strategy.

I will be joining in on Friday September 28th to talk about new media topics including:

  • New Media and Social Media Tools
  • Advanced Marketing Techniques
  • Customer Service and Message Management
  • Brand Management
  • Service Marketing

This offering was developed by Clemson University’s Center for Corporate Learning. Education like this is what will ultimately help us bridge the gap in the social world between those we want content from and what they historically have been trained to do in a career.

Bobby and I both are advocates for content creation as a strategy, and in the hospital world that means content from clinical staff… physician, nurse, therapist, dietitian, etc. Programs like this will help us all speak the same language!

I am excited to see how this goes and watch their progress as this class graduates and the next comes in!

If you are interested in learning more about the program you can do so here:

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Reed Smith

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  1. Erick Kinuthia says:

    Great topics Clemson.This topics directly relate with marketing especially of medical services.Doctors need to learn this tips in order to enhance proper marketing of their services through social media.

    Erick Kinuthia