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Is Twitter Dying on the Vine?

Have you been to Twitter lately? More than normal? Less than normal? Still have TweetDeck setup with all the hashtags you follow?

I’ll be honest. Over the last few months (read: when G+ launched) I have spent less and less time on Twitter. I have a couple of thoughts on why this is:

  1. Facebook has critical mass so you will continue to spend time there with friends or to market to that group. Facebook ads have become a really nice way to get a message out cost effectively.
  2. Google +, for me, has become Twitter with out limitations. I use it for more like a business version of Facebook.
  3. I am just not sure how I should use Twitter anymore?

What I still find useful about Twitter is the ability to connect with my extended network. I have an iPhone and it is full of contact info, but not all my Twitter connections are in there of course. Twitter affords me a rolodex of industry leaders I can message and connect with.

In short:

  • Personal = Facebook
  • Business = Blog, G+, Twitter

I want to hear from others… Do you still see the benefit of Twitter?

– Reed

(I’ll be right back after I Tweet out this post…)

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Reed Smith