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You Can’t Get There All at Once

Have a plan… if you don't have a plan, make one.

Be skeptical of things you see that:

  • bring you 1999% ROI in days
  • Followers and Likes (if that is the only claim)
  • Impressions/Views

Remember that gaining 5 patients from 30 impressions is better than 30k impressions that bring only 2 new patients. Sometimes we forget to map out the conversion and what the conversion means to our bottom line.

To jump start your thinking – I would start with:

  1. (link) A basic understanding of CRM
  2. (link) A basic audit to understand who you are and where you are
  3. (link) Understanding the gaps

Once you have done this you will be on your way to understanding how to connect with your audience(s) and most importantly understanding if it is working.

– Reed

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Reed Smith

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