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The Content Advocacy Program (CAP)

What makes your hospital special? Marketing and PR departments tout your expertise and state-of-the art equipment, but this is only one side of what makes your organization tick. What’s the difference between a good hospital and a great one? The people that provide the care. The individuals that work inside the four walls and the volunteers that make the place function like a well-oiled machine. So how does your organization leverage those people and stories to set you apart from the rest?

Learn how your hospital can leverage internal advocates to share the very best about your organization with Social Health Institute’s Content Advocate Program.

Content Advocate Program: Choose from two programs customized for your hospital’s needs.

CAP Program 1 – Our experts will help you identify the internal voices that have their finger on the pulse of your hospital. We provide a special guide to content creation, a social media best practices to help guide your new advocates and group training that can bring out the content creator in every from the OR nurse to the PT in Rehab. The stories they share will bring color and that human touch that a press release just cannot deliver.

CAP Program 2 – Want to go a step further? Our experts will not only train your internal advocates, but will provide you with a customized program and hands on training to ensure advocates remain engaged and your program continues.

Contact us for more information about bringing CAP to your hospital or healthsystem.