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Meet the Faculty: Thornton Kirby

We are just weeks away from the first ever Digital Health Mini MBA Certificate Program at Clemson University. Our facult...

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A Single Approach to Solving the Top 10 Hospital Marketing Issues

Today’s healthcare industry is changing at a rapid pace with new challenges appearing almost every day. Whether it is ...

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What Types of Facebook Posts Should Hospitals Focus On?

(This is a small sample of what will be available based on an upcoming study by the Social Health Institute and WCG on...

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(Updated) Tweaking Something Old Doesn’t Create Momentum

[Originally posted here February 11, 2011] I just finished listening to a two part podcast from the Andy Stanley Leaders...

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Digital = Lazy?

Has the wave of digital technology made us lazy? I wonder this as I see how instant information and instant feedback rul...

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How Do You Evaluate the Next Social Media Platform?

I just finished reading (OK… listening to) Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I took a lot away from the book and it w...

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