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Meet the Faculty: Thornton Kirby

Thornton Kirby, President & CEO, South Carolina Hospital AssociationWe are just weeks away from the first ever Digital Health Mini MBA Certificate Program at Clemson University. Our faculty members are excited to meet you, share what they know about social media and digital marketing and what works in the healthcare industry. One of those faculty members is Thornton Kirby, President and CEO of the South Carolina Hospital Association.

Thornton is recognized nationally as a leader in health care reform and patient safety, and under his leadership South Carolina has emerged as one of the nation’s top states in the quality of hospital care. We asked Thornton what he hopes people will take away from his session about Digital Marketing and Communications.

“Today’s health care consumers are taking greater interest in their personal health and demanding all kinds of information they need to make the best health decisions for themselves and their families. For most of them, the main source of information is the Internet, and specifically social media. But there is so much information on the Internet, it’s difficult to know what is accurate and what should be ignored. According to our research, South Carolinians see hospitals as credible sources of information and look to them for information on health and health care. Hospitals take this role very seriously and treasure the trust of their patients. If we’re not actively communicating with our communities, we’re leaving a void that may be filled by others, whose information may not be as accurate as our citizens deserve. With health care consumers on social media, that’s where hospitals need to be.”

Join Thornton and the rest of the Digital Health Mini MBA Certificate Program faculty and learn how to take part in and shape the conversations happening around you and your healthcare system.

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Brooke McMillan