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Meet The Faculty: Bobby Rettew

Bobby Rettew, MAWe are just days away from closing the application for the first ever Digital Health Mini MBA Certificate Program at Clemson University, but before we do, we want to introduce you to one of our faculty members and South Carolina’s own, Bobby Rettew. Bobby is a proud Clemson Alum and has been deeply involved with getting the mini MBA program off the ground this year. We asked Bobby why he felt like this opportunity was so important to those in the surrounding healthcare communities.

“Capturing, creating, and sharing content has become a vital business opportunity for hospitals and health care providers. Everyday, consumers are seeking information important to the health of their families, friends, and loved ones. We know that more and more people are reading blogs, reading online medical information, and sharing content using social outlets as portals for conversations. We also know that these same consumers are influenced by content provided in Google searches and also their social media news feeds where friends and family members are having discussions. So the critical question stands, does your hospital want to be a part of the conversation *and* provide relevant information vital for patient choice?”

Join Bobby and the rest of the Digital Health Mini MBA Certificate Program faculty and learn how to take part in and shape the conversations happening around you and your healthcare system.

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Brooke McMillan