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(Updated) Tweaking Something Old Doesn’t Create Momentum

[Originally posted here February 11, 2011]

I just finished listening to a two part podcast from the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast on creating momentum. This is a great series of podcast for anyone interested in leadership topics. This series was particularly interesting to me. Listening though the lens of new technologies here are three statements he made that made me think:

  • “New” triggers momentum.
  • Momentum is sustained from continuous improvement.
  • Tweaking something old doesn’t create momentum.

Good new for us in social media! Right?

Why do we as hospitals continue to do the same thing the same way year after year and feel we will make headway on gaining marketshare, increasing revenue, or increasing satisfaction measures?

Are there tools, platforms, technology, methodology, or ideas you feel hospitals are missing out on?

Question: If you could add only one strategy or tactic to the plan for 2013 (with guaranteed approval) what would it be?

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