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5 iOS Apps for Social Content Creators



Mobile technology has become a very important part of my day. Of course a phone is very important, text messages are becoming the method of choice when communicating with friends and family, and I am not sure what I would do if I could not access email on the fly.

Based on all this it is not a surprise that mobile is also becoming a very important part of how I create content. Here are five iOS apps I use to create content on a regular basis:

  1. Tweetbot ($2.99) – is my Twitter client of choice. I am almost sure I have used every Twitter client made for the iPhone and this is the one I have been with the longest. The biggest features I find valuable are:
    1. Ability to handle multiple accounts
    2. Customizable toolbar
    3. Smart gestures allow you to quickly navigate and respond to messages
  2. Facebook Pages Manager (Free) – allows me, at a glance, to quickly see what is happening on the numerous pages I have admin privileges. This is a great tool to also make sure you are posting as a page and not yourself. Great for checks and balances and pieces of mind for other content creators within your organization.
  3. Radian6 Mobile App (Free) – As a Radian6 user I can now log into accounts from my mobile device. This is great if a client has an issue arise and I am not around my computer. I can not only listen but engage directly from the app itself.
  4. WordPress for iOS (Free) – I mentioned this app in a previous post, 3 Tools to Help You Capture Blog Ideas on the Fly, as my primary tool to capture blog ideas. I seem to always have the best ideas at times when I don’t have my computer open. This app allows me to capture those ideas and have them waiting the next time I log into WordPress.
  5. Instagram (Free) – don’t just take pictures and post them. Give them some personality! Instagram, in a very simple format, will allow you to take a picture or two from your photo gallery and apply filters to them ending up with a very visually interesting picture.

Question: What is your go to app for content creation?

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Reed Smith