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Expert Interview #2 :: Joe Doyle

I have had the opportunity to work with Joe on a couple of projects at HCB Health, and have enjoyed seeing his vision for social health and how he and his team are able to help their clients navigate these waters. I would encourage anyone looking for a strong creative agency in the healthcare space to check them out.


Name: Joe Doyle
Title: Interactive Director
Twitter: @HCB_Joe
Bio: Interactive leader who guides response-driven marketing initiatives. Fast thinker with the ability to look beyond the task at hand, social media believer by choice.

Q: So tell me a bit about your background. How did you find yourself dealing with social media and new technologies on a regular basis?

A big shift for me was SXSW 2007. Twitter just came out and I was enjoying Facebook and LinkedIn and I thought “we are about to start communicating in a whole new way.” My background is in new media communications, so I was thrilled that new ideas were bubbling up. I guess since grad school I”ve always thought you either continue to learn, or you become extinct.

Q: In your field what has been the biggest win for social media and new technologies?

New technology would definitely be the iPad. My clients are using it to detail, and we”re constantly coming up with new ways to bridge the gap between physician and patient using them. For social, it”s been educating clients and writing play books for healthcare organizations who want to participate, but often are not sure where to begin (or what to manage).

Q: As a follow up what is the next hurdle?

That”s easy – convincing major healthcare organizations that they need an internal group dedicated to participating in conversations on social networks. It”s the next big thing.

Q: A year from now how do you hope social media has changed your job?

I already use it to help find resources and even new client work. I”d like to see it help elevate my agency to new heights by searching for more conversations to be a part of. That would be a big step. Sometimes the resourcing aspect of all of it hits close to home, too.

Q: Finally, what is your favorite new app or device?

I”ve just downloaded Touchpad, and I look forward to using my iPhone as a remote control for my presentations. I also have Pennant installed on my iPad – it”s an infographic look at every year in major league baseball since the beginning. Fun UI design. As a parent, I”ve also used iFirstAid Lite on my iPhone. It”s a great healthcare information app.


Want to be a part of the expert project? Drop me a line on Twitter and let me know!

– Reed

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Reed Smith

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  1. Joe Doyle says:

    Thanks for the article, Reed! Look forward to forging solid healthcare experiences with you.