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Providing Care, One Tweet at a Time


We love it when Doctors share their social media testimonies, and Dr. Deborah Cooper-Lall has a great one. It’s not a grand story about her entering into the tech world; instead, it’s a great story about what has happened since.

She has seen improvements. It’s as simple as that. Dr. Cooper-Lall isn’t tweeting about hours of operation or dental deals, she is truly connecting with her patients and other practices.

“Embrace social media…Implement it into your daily life. Introduce it to your staff. Connect with your patients. Say “hi” to new patients. If you are reading an article that you like, post a link to it. If you take a photo of something fun, post it. If you are in a restaurant and you like a particular dish, connect with the restaurant and pass on your compliments, which in turn will tell all of your followers that you liked it. Social media is not an exact science.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves and we would love to help you explore the technology frontier. Excuse the shameless marketing plug, but our team here at Gray Digital Group is passionate about getting you, your brand or both online. We love to help research and find the best mediums for you, while helping you get comfortable in with your online voice. Interested? Contact Us.

Curious about the rest of Dr. Cooper-Lall’s story? Find her entire article here.

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Jennifer Dunn