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Expert Interview #3: Kent Bottles, MD

Name: Kent Bottles, MD
Title: Senior Fellow, Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health and Chief Medical Officer Verilogue/
Twitter: @KentBottles
LinkedIn: Kent Bottles

Bio: Physician Executive who interprets health care reform and transformation to a variety of audiences through keynotes, blog posts, articles, and board retreats. Dr. Bottles has been a medical school professor, dean, department head, chief medical officer, chief knowledge officer, and president and ceo of several organizations

Q: So tell me a bit about your background. How did you find yourself dealing with social media and new technologies on a regular basis?

Like everything in my life, I stumbled into social media through twitter. I am not really an early adopter, but twitter has vastly expanded my professional network and helped me keep current in the rapidly changing health care environment.

Q: In your field what has been the biggest win for social media and new technologies?

I think it has clearly been helping patients connect with each other and learn more from each other about how to cope with their diseases and how to live well. Patients are the most underutilized resource in health care, and I am very excited about how they can even do research without the help of health care professionals.

Q: As a follow up what is the next hurdle?

Getting physicians and academic medical centers to understand and use social media.

Q: A year from now how do you hope social media has changed your job?

I hope I am doing something I have not even thought of yet.

Q: Finally, what is your favorite new app or device? so that patients can prepare for, record, and share their important doctor visits with their care team.

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