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How to Fix Your Hospital Listing in Apple Maps

Last week Apple released the newest version of their mobile operating system iOS6. With this new release there were, as Apple states, over 200 new features. One of the most important for businesses is the replacement of Google Maps with Apple Maps. Without going into the details many are not happy.

Many users are now finding at the default map within the most popular operating system in the world no longer includes business they need to find. To make sure you don”t get left behind here is what you need to do.

There are 2 main issues.

  1. Your hospital is listed but the map is showing the wrong location.
  2. Your hospital is not listed on the map at all.
Today we are going to tackle the first issue. More to come later this week on the second. Just a reminder – this is all very new so the responsiveness of the maps and/or Apple is TBD.

If you find your hospital listed but the location is incorrect.

  1. Grab a device with iOS6 and search for your hospital. Tap on the pin to open up the detailed information and tap on “Report a Problem.”

  2. Choose your problem form the list. In this case I choose “Pin is at incorrect location.”
  3. Then Apple gives you a map to drag the pin to the new location. Once done hit “Send.” Make sure you are dragging the pin within the “Report a Problem” window and not on the map itself.

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