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Why Hospitals Should Care About Foursquare

credit: foursquare blog

Foursquare is becoming more and more common outside of us nerds who have been “checking-in” for years now! Hospitals should engage with what foursquare is doing, and if you think about it, every day physicians, employees, patients and their families are telling you they are engaged!

Take a look at some numbers from leading hospitals across the country:

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So why now? Why do we/should we care about foursquare now?

Foursquare just announced the pending ability to build your app directly into foursquare with their new Connected Apps platform! What does this mean for hospitals and healthcare organization? From the foursquare announcement:

Today, we’re announcing the developer preview of the next evolution: Connected Apps – developer-crafted experiences that exist within foursquare.

This opens up a ton of possibilities, all around interacting with people’s experiences while they’re having them. For instance, Eat This, Not That can suggest healthy dishes the moment someone checks in at a restaurant.

Everyone wants an app and this allows you to engage and place your “brand” inside an app that is already adopted. Imagine the possibilities this opens up:

  • Way finding options
  • Education
  • Announcements
  • Opt-in to other communications
  • Employee communications
  • Physician communications

Question: Will you effort more connectivity though foursquare? If so how?

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