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Landing Pages versus Blog Posts, Where Should You Direct Traffic?

When do you direct your traffic to a custom/semi-custom landing page versus a blog post? Why do you make that decision? Is it creation time? The call to action that is used? Longevity of the need?

Actually probably all of the above questions should play into the ultimate decision.

I would love some feedback. We are living in a world where everyone wants their own website but no one wants to create content.

– Reed

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Reed Smith

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  1. Bobby Rettew says:

    OK…this is a great discussion but I think it comes down to context. I would say blog posts at social tools used to generate discussion and SEO. Landing pages typically have a finite life yet can provide a direct, actionable result.

    So, I would use a blog post to generate conversation, generate shares, leverage SEO opportunities, and use as an entry gate to other places in your website. Specifically, the blog post allows you give opinionated copy then point people to a landing page for an actionable return.

    The landing page to me is a place where it is almost the final destination to collect information (contact info, donations, etc.). This is a vital ending point for a downstream revenue discussion using new media. This is where you can embed video to make an ask and tell the audience what to do next with the contact form or donation buttons below.

    So…to answer your question…I see them working together. Use the blog to generate interest and give editorial that allows an individual to make a decision to click a link to a landing page. The use the landing page for the hard sell and actionable next step.

    The Obama administration does a great job with these tools. Not to be on politics, but their new media team uses blogs to explain a position with a link to a landing page to read, capture information, and possibly donate.

    Just my humble thoughts! Great question!

    • Reed Smith says:

      Great response. I agree these two mediums should/could work together. I like the idea of creating conversations that lead to an action. Thanks for the thoughts!

  2. Great post.

    I would determine the use based on the user’s journey. Will they come from search or ads? Or both?

    From search:
    Blogs and social media show up high in organic search results. If your traffic will be based on keywords you’ll see results faster in a blog.

    From advertising:
    Landing pages work harder, in my opinion, and you can get users into a cycle of content snacking. Eloqua does a great job with email to landing to data capture to related value-added info and sharing. Sign up for emails from them, they do it right.

    Blog might be best here as long as you can use effective direct response tactics and share the database for
    Names with you main site.


  3. Jay Massey says:

    This is a great question Reed. I hope this dialog will great an even better post with the answers… シ

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