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Not Your Mother’s Hospital

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This post is a spin off – my thoughts as it relates to hospitals. You may first want to read the original Cisco blog post, “Not Your Mother’s Connected World”

When reading over this post I noticed a couple of statements that hit home:

  • More than half surveyed in a new Cisco Connected World Technology Report say the internet is more integral to their lives than cars, dating, and partying.
  • More than one in four college students globally (27%) said staying updated on Facebook was more important than partying, dating, listening to music, or hanging out with friends.
  • Two-thirds of students (66%) and more than half of employees (58%) cite a mobile device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) as “the most important technology in their lives.”
  • 7/10 young professionals “friend” managers and coworkers on Facebook.

Imagine how this impacts hospitals today. Employees are entering the work force and expect to have technology a part of their daily lives. We in turn block the access to these daily information channels (or force them to a mobile device).

The bottom line is if an employee wants to check Facebook while at work they can and will find a way. Most likely on their mobile device.

The author makes an interesting statement at the end of the blog post: 

For those of us in I.T., it’s up to us to plan our networks accordingly, to address the security and mobility demands that will be placed on our infrastructures.

We should be proactively addressing these technologies. In the end with the rise of mobile we are the ones that are losing out. By blocking social media access within our facilities we are only limiting the way we can communicate with those who work within our walls.

When given the option how would your hospital employees prefer to be communicated with?

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Reed Smith