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Design Tips for the New Facebook Timeline for Business Pages

Recently Facebook announced and rolled out the updated design we have all gotten to know on our personal Facebook pages….Timeline. Below are just a few tips that might make your transition a bit quicker.

If you would like to see what you hospital”s page will look like simply navigate to the page and at the top you will see this:

Now simply click on the “preview” button and you will get a look at what your current design elements will look like translated into the new design. In short not so great.

So here are some tips/suggestions from recent migrations I have finished for clients.

The core elements you will most like need to create prior to the conversion are:

  1. A branded cover photo
  2. A new profile picture (thumbnail image)
  3. New images for applications installed on your page(s)

Cover Photo

  • Optimal size is 851px x 315px (The minimum is 399px wide)
  • There are many restrictions on the new format (ex: no call to action), you can learn more here.

Profile Picture (previously thumbnail image)

  • Optimal size is 180px x 180px

Application Thumbnail Image

  • Optional size is 111px x 74px

Renaming an application and swapping out the image

This option allows you to customize your Facebook Page to resemble a more traditional web presence. You could add sign up forms, blog postings, review applications, etc.

First you will need to add the application to your page. In this example I am using to add an eNews Sign Up form. (Wufoo has Facebook integration built in)

  1. This is the appearance after logging into my Wufoo account and adding the built in app to my Facebook page:
  2. Next by hovering over the application I can edit the settings, swap the location, uninstall, etc.
  3. After picking “Edit Settings” from the drop down menu I am able to rename the application (“Custom Tab Name”) for my page”s use as well as swap the image (“Custom Tab Image”) that is displayed.

Here is a finished product –

view it live here

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Reed Smith