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Is ROI Still Your Biggest Concern in 2011?

About two years ago I launched a poll on Twitter asking “What seems to be the largest barrier to hospitals entering the social media space?.” The answers consisted of:

  • Privacy Concerns
  • Legal Concerns 
  • Lack of Interest by Decision Makers 
  • Showing a Return on Investment 
  • How and what to use (Technical Expertise) 
  • Other (Please leave a comment of specifics)

Here were the results:


Lack of ROI was stated as the main reason one would not venture into the world of social media. Over the past two years many more hospitals have entered the space and even had the opportunity to learn from many best practices around the country. 

So I am wondering if ROI is still the big hurdle or does privacy maybe take the lead? I want to hear from you what the biggest objection is to making social media a focus in 2011.

– Reed

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Reed Smith