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Yes, Doctor, You Really Do Need to Pay Attention to Facebook

Attention Doctors: Between patients and visits from pharmaceutical reps, discussions about EMRs and the transition to paperless and wireless, and the dreaded reality about reimbursement rates, it is time to take a look at Facebook. 

 We’ve made this recommendation before, and like the discussions you have with your patients about their less than healthy habits, we’re going to revisit this concept again: Facebook can help you connect with your patients.

If you are on the fence about this thing called social media and if you think Facebook is something for egocentric kids you need to take a look at this blogpost by Philippa Kennealy, MD, MPH.  Like Dr. Kenneally, we’ve never suggested that medical advice or medical care be delivered via a Facebook status update.  It is, however, and excellent way to connect with your patients, build the personality of your practice, and keep your patients informed of things important to your practice and their health.  And most importantly (well, we think so, anyway) is to have some fun! 

 It may take some getting used to, but with a little practice, Facebook might just be good for the health of your practice.

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Jennifer Dunn