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Thank Your Partners in the EMS Community

2010 EMS Week is May 16th22nd

Many hospitals make time to honor and thank first responders during EMS week.  Explore ways to use your website to promote your commitment to EMS in your community while also educating them about the services offered at your facility.  Some ideas include:

  • Add special banner ads and messages on your website about EMS Week.
  • Build photo galleries of your staff and EMS working together.
  • Offer a special login area for EMS and post invitations, special messages, and other important information about your facility. 
  • Invite and post positive comments and quotes from patients and staff about area EMS and how they may have made the difference in saving someone’s life, etc.
  • Host a web-base “treasure hunt” with prizes for any EMS workers who can locate specific information on your website.
  • Build awareness about your ER by profiling your ER through an on-line video or photo tour, include key emergency services, etc.
  • Post a thank you note or video to the EMS community from your hospital’s emergency department team.

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Jennifer Dunn