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Using Your Site During Hospital Week

2010 Hospital Week is May 9-15th

Use your website to show off what makes your hospital truly special.  Update your home page and/or build out a special section of your site to feature what’s going on inside your hospital during Hospital Week. 

 Possible ideas might include:

  • Profiles on key medical staff.
  • Profiles on key nurses.
  • Profiles on key volunteers.
  • Hospital stats—but tell people why your quality scores are important to them.
  • Links to videos and photos of events sponsored by or at the hospital.
  • Profile amazing patient stories.
  • Invite comments and stories via the web, and post online.  Leverage social media tools to share some of the best messages left by visitors to your website.
  • Profile key service lines—include interesting stats, patient stories, etc.
  • Announce any awards or recognitions given to staff during this week.
  • Promote any community related events, etc.

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Jennifer Dunn