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Bobby Rettew, MA

Expertise: Content Creation and Storytelling

Bobby Rettew is a multiple Emmy award-winning multimedia producer with a background in new media, visual storytelling, user-center design, usability testing methodologies and television news. Bobby’s journalist experience in broadcast has transformed his approach as a digital storyteller where he has helped organizations identify compelling, effective messages.

Bobby has traveled internationally capturing and telling stories. He has interviewed former United States Presidents, Senators, Astronauts; traveled with illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico; and was part of the first team to capture the first images of Katrina. From hurricanes to local color, Bobby witnessed some of the most fascinating stories emerge in real time.

Bobby is also the Chief Storyteller for Gray Digital Group and also serves as an Adjunct Instructor at Clemson University where he teaches for the MBA and MBAe Programs. Bobby holds both a BS in Mathematics and an MA in Professional Communications from Clemson University.

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