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5 Evernote Add-Ons for Hospital Marketing Directors


Evernote Trunk | Useful apps and products integrated with Evernote

I have written several posts about Evernote and how I use it to fill gaps in content creation, social management, etc. With the increasing adoption of Evernote more and more companies are integrating their tools allowing for a robust network of resources. If you want to see all the Evernote Trunk has to offer go here.

I am constantly finding new integration points to make Evernote the center of content in my world. Here are 5 add-ons I feel could be good accessories for hospital marketing directors:

  1. IdeaPaint – allows you to turn any surface into a whiteboard. For those of us who like to mindmap and draw lines and arrows with multiple color pens this is a dream come true. The integration point for Evernote is once you are done is your group brainstorm session you can simply snap a picture with your Evernote mobile app and then you have captured a searchable photo inside of Evernote.
  2. ScanSnap – is a Fujitsu scanner technology that allows you to push a single button and make your scanned documents instantly available and searchable on virtually any computer and mobile device you use by sending it strait to Evernote. Imagine all the contracts, notes, pictures, sample ads, etc. you will have immediate access to. (No more paper files!)
  3. Skitch – OK I am cheating a bit. This is actually a Evernote owned product (but was not originally.) Skitch allows you to take screenshots of anything on your screen then use annotation to get your message across. You can of course use these images anyway you want including saving them to Evernote.
  4. Livescribe – For those of you who prefer a pen a paper this is for you! You can use a Livescribe smartpen to easily send notes and audio as an interactive digital document, called a pencast, to people and destinations (Evernote) of your choice.
  5. Reeder – This is by far my favorite RSS reader I have tried. Works across my desktop, iPhone, and iPad. Due to the fact that I subscribe to a lot of prescriptive blogs, I want to keep the step by step instructions till I have time to try them out. I can do this very easily by just sending them to Evernote.

Question: Do you use Evernote? How have your found it most useful?

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Reed Smith