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SXSW Interactive Accelerator – Health Technologies 2012 Finalists

The SXSW Interactive Festival has added a new wrinkle for 2012. They have added “Health Technologies” as a category in the 2012 SXSW Interactive Accelerator.

In total (all categories) more than 670 companies submitted their web-based products to the fourth-annual SXSW Accelerator Presented by Microsoft BizSpark. A special thanks to all health entries. This is the first year of “health” and we are really excited about the finalist for this category.

The Health Technology Interactive finalists who will be showcasing their products on Monday, March 12 and Tuesday, March 13 at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Austin are (via SXSW):

Seattle, WA
Medify is a leading provider of data-driven consumer health solutions. The service mines hundreds of millions of real patient experiences from medical research and makes them discoverable, trackable, and shareable. Using Medify, patients and families can turn insight into action based on research they can trust.

Palo Alto, CA
Jiff is the Facebook of Health. The company provides a cloud-based platform that hosts your Circle of Health as well as your health and wellness apps, elegantly connecting you to your loved ones, to doctors and to the health care system.

Cambridge, MA is an integrated health management platform for teenagers accessible via web or wireless devices. We use proprietary algorithms, assessments and games to personalize health strategies and leverage existing teen social behavior of sharing, comparing and caring to drive positive body image, self-care, and compassion. The evidence-based platform allows for interoperability with other technology-based vendors, health services, and mobile device manufacturers to drive behavior change in a safe wellness environment.

San Francisco, CA
CellScope builds systems for at-home disease diagnosis using mobile phone cameras. The company is developing smart phone attachments for diagnosis of pediatric ear and skin infections, which cause over 30 million doctor visits annually in the US. Future CellScope products will leverage the technology platform for consumer skin care and interactive microscopy.

San Francisco, CA
Pipette helps reduce complications and unplanned readmissions after surgeries. Preventable readmissions burden the healthcare system with an extra 4.4M hospital stays and cost $30B a year. Our mobile application monitors and educates patients during their recovery. Pipette uses proprietary algorithms to enable early intervention by identifying high-risk patients.

Palo Alto, CA
Simplee is the best way to save money on medical expenses. Simplee connects directly with insurers to categorize and explain all medical, dental and HSA expenses in plain language, saving you time, money and stress. Simplee also offers benefit alerts, payment reminders, deductible updates, and electronic bill pay.

Beyond Lucid Technologies
Walnut Creek, CA
Beyond Lucid Technologies is a health-tech startup that goes beyond the digitization of pre-hospital care records, offering First Responders situational awareness, robust logistical decision support, and real-time information for emergency incident management. BLT’s MediView™ platform is a cloud-and-client SaaS designed to make First Response safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

Pittsburgh, PA
You can”t manage what you don”t measure. Health enthusiasts lack an easy and reliable way to manage their health. VitalClip is creating an iPhone accessory that measures vital signs and adds context to deliver an instant and meaningful view of your well-being.


Musical Health Technologies
Musical Health Technologies creates products that enable better care giving through music. SingFit debuted in the Apple App stores in December 2011 and features our patented Lyric Coach system so a participant does not need to be able to read or see to sing the words of a song perfectly.
Cambridge, MA
An MIT Media Lab spinoff and TechStars alum, provides a behavior analytics platform that uses big data from mobile phones to model user behavior and make inferences about health and wellness.

Palo Alto, CA
Lumoback is turning our bodies into the next platform for innovation, starting with a unique mobile solution for back health. We are committed to empowering people to live healthy lives.

For examples of past year’s SXSW Accelerator Video Presentations go .

Also I want to give a special thanks to those who served on the advisory board and helped SXSW and myself recruit these great companies and many others for the Health Technologies category:

Brian Dolan

Chris Hall

David Goldsmith
Alliance Health Networks

Dermot Waters
Sharecare and

Mark Scimshire
HealthCamp Foundation

Nathan Gross
Doximity and Rock Health

Rick Anderson

Ron Gutman
HealthTap, Inc.

Unity Stoakes
Startup Health and OrganizedWisdom


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