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Making Evernote Part of Your Health Plan

It is no mystery that I am a big Evernote fan and user (previous post). I use it to keep track of receipts, HTML code, meeting notes, business cards, etc.

My work flow has me now moving paperless, thanks in part to my Fujitsu Scan Snap, and my desire to no longer use filing cabinets.

Just the other day I received an eNews from Evernote talking about a few new products. They are very cool and I think even have a tie to healthcare.

Evernote Hello

Evernote Hello is a nifty mobile app that allows you to keep track of the people you meet. The app itself allows you to document with pictures, location information, and contact information.

Healthcare use – what if you used this to document your care team if you are a patient who deals with a chronic illness? You could have information and pictures of all your physicians, pharmacies, therapist, and dietitians. You could then add notes and tags to each on allowing for advanced search options based on your needs.

Evernote Food

Evernote Food is a way to capture, share, and review any (or all) of your meals. Like with other Evernote mobile products you can take pictures, add locations, add tags, and describe your meal. This all syncs back with your Evernote account so all your notes are in one place.

Healthcare use – I can think of several uses for this:

  1. Used by weight loss support groups
  2. Used by dietitians and their clients
  3. Used by fitness training groups
  4. Used by employers to run weight loss challenges with employees

Evernote as a whole could actually be your personal health record. What if…

  • You set up a free Evernote account and used different notebooks within to document conditions, physicians, treatments, medications, etc.
  • You shared some (or all) of these notebooks with your care team.
  • Used Evernote Food to document your diet
  • Used Evernote Hello to document your care team
  • You used the Evernote mobile app to:
    1. Record discharge instructions, or physician orders – Audio
    2. Capture images of medication – Picture
    3. Capture images of an illness or condition – Picture
    4. Keep a running list of questions for your next office visit – Text

All of this would be kept in one location and would always be up to date on all your devices. Sounds interesting… Someone should try it ; )

Let me know your thoughts.

– Reed

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Reed Smith