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3 Things to Think About for Your Crisis Communications Plan

In recent weeks many of you have probably noticed all the fires in Central Texas. This has been the hottest summer on record in Texas, couple that with no rain and it becomes a fire just waiting to happen.

Over the past couple of weeks alone over 1500 homes and 35,000 acres have been lost. With all this said hospitals need to continue to adapt and look at ways to best provide, gather, and monitor news and reports during a disaster.

With regards to social media here are three things I think hospitals need to consider:

  1. Make sure someone is designated to monitor social as part of your disaster plan. In these cases the most up to date and credible information is coming from those on the ground. Think CNN iReport. People are tweeting, taking pictures/video, and posting on Facebook in realtime. Ask on your social channels for people to submit content to you though an email address or social platform
  2. Make sure someone at your disaster control post is providing information though the social channels. Many follow your organization online. Make sure you don’t go dark during this time.
  3. Identify and follow official social accounts of news, disaster, and local agencies. This will allow you to repost relevant resources to your online community.

Here are two good case studies:

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