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Using Evernote to Manage your Social Side

Over the last couple of years I have been using Evernote for a number of reasons. First I started out using Evernote because it was free and it looked kinda cool. Then I started getting more diligent with it once I downloaded the iOS app for both my iPhone and iPad. More and more I found uses for this cool little free app.

Then I started making my move to the cloud about a year or so ago and I paid for the premium account. Now Evernote has become a great way to manage a number of daily work flows including social. Below you will find a quick high-level view of how I now use Evernote in a new way.

How I use Evernote to manage my social work flow:

  1. Use the unique Evernote email address attached to my account for all my social account email contacts. This way once someone DMs me on Twitter it flows right into Evernote.
  2. I setup a “Inbox” and made it my default folder so all those notifications coming in fall into a folder where I can deal with them.
  3. Once I review my Evernote inbox then I can file them in any way I want. I have a hierarchy of folders, for most of the routine stuff, called …wait for it… “notifications.”
  4. The great part of all of this is now (along with all my other notes in Evernote) my social notifications are searchable.

Other folders in Evernote that have a close tie to my daily life as a social media advisor:

  • HTML – I keep code I use over and over again in client CMSs handy this way
  • Best Practices – Great place to accumulate case studies, white papers, and best practices
  • Screen Shots – OCR searchable graphics and images – how great is that.

Other great Evernote resources:

Do you use Evernote? How have you found it to be useful?

– Reed

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Reed Smith