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3 Things to Consider on Your Hospital Facebook Page


So much time is spent on Facebook, and for good reason. I hate to recommend any platforms without seeing a strategy first but Facebook almost always makes the list… This happens when you have a critical mass of users logging on in any given day. With so much emphasis given to Facebook I thought of three things every hospital needs to capitalize on to connect with an external audience:

  1. Events – This page/function is very underused by hospitals. Every hospital has seminars, classes, screenings, tours, etc… Make sure all these events are entered into Facebook at the very least. This gives fans of your page a place to interact and it shows your level of expertise and commitment to the health of your community. Tip: If you work with a call center be sure to enter their registration information into the event description (with a code) so you can see the ROI of Facebook in your events vs traditional media.
  2. Community Partners – Do not go at it alone. Make friends. So many organizations are on Facebook now that you can capitalize off content created by others. Find and “like” others in your community like the chamber, heart association, cancer society, non-profits, and of course news outlets. Tip: Re-post content and stories from their pages with credit to them. Also “tag” them in posts on your page. This will promote the hospital to their audience and also make you more of a partner in a larger community.
  3. Facebook Ads – Once you have a base knowledge and understanding of Facebook give Facebook Ads a shot. This will allow you (for very low cost) target those in your market for specific offerings. Tip: Use Facebook Ads to promote your free classes and seminars to those who fit the demographic. Test multiple ads using the “interest” field in the ad builder to target in even closer on those with interest like wellness or health.

Now I am sure there are many other points to capitalize on but for an external audience I would recommend you start with these three. What would be number four? Let me know you thoughts…

– Reed

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Reed Smith