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How the iPad is Replacing My Laptop

I am continuing to move more of my daily interactive life to the iPad. I am realizing that my “real” work happens on my iMac and slowly my MacBook Pro is being squeezed.

The natural progression of my mobile environment has been:

Old = Bag + MacBook Pro + Moleskine + Pen + cables
Transition = Bag + iPad + Moleskine + Pen + Verizon MiFi + cables
Current = iPad + Verizon MiFi

Unless I need to work on a website though FTP or a CMS the iPad will accomplish all I need while on the go. The reason for this is the continued maturing of the apps and app developers.

Here is a quick list of what I use each day:

:: Productivity ::

:: Art ::

:: Social ::

What are you using? What should I try next?

– Reed

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Reed Smith