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Enough With the iPad Talk… Desktop Apps Here We Come

I recently wrote a post talking about how the iPad is replacing my laptop. In that post I made mention that all my heavy lifting still takes place at the desktop. I had several readers ask what apps I use on a daily basis while sitting behind the big screen.

Let me first say all the pieces of the pie are Apple products at this point (insert Apple fanboy remarks here)… With this said I am not sure if there are PC versions for all of what I am about to list.

:: Installed Apps ::

  • Evernote – Great way to organize notes and keep them synced between devices.
  • Postbox – Email client that does a better job handling attachments than Apple Mail.
  • Firebug – Firefox plugin that helps with HTML modifications and inspection.
  • Transmit – FTP Client of Choice
  • Skitch – Best tool I have found for screen capture and markup.
  • TweetDeck – I have tried numerous Twitter clients and keep coming back to TweetDeck at least for the desktop.
  • Skype – Collaboration.
  • iWork – Much preferred to MS Office for Mac.
  • Adobe Creative Suite – Design Tools.
  • Dropbox – Document management solution.

:: Web-Based Apps ::

What am I missing?

– Reed

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Reed Smith