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I am NOT sure it is possible to be a Social Media Expert… Yet.


Not a day goes by that don’t receive an email or Twitter DM with a subject line like one of these:

“Get more Fans and Followers”

“Thanks for the follow! Let me know what you think about making $576k First Year? (Insert Link)”

These examples are simple ways of showing that the idea of what to use social media for is going in a number of different directions, and no matter where you are in the journey everyone is still struggling with:

  1. Social Media Strategy.
  2. What does success look like and how to measure it?
  3. Long term where does this go?
  4. Who owns it? Who is in charge?
  5. How does this change the way we do business?

I was thinking back to reading the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. In this book he looks at success and what caused the success to happen. Here is a brief summary (correct me if I am wrong):

  • Success takes hard work.
  • Some element of success is being in the right place at the right time (luck if you will).
  • It takes 10,000 hrs (=10yrs) to become an expert in a field/subject.

Taking this into account it makes sense we continue to struggle with the issues we do in social media. We all want a million Twitter followers like many celebrities instantaneously. We all want to be seen as a successful case study. We all want to be the expert.

Based on the ideas from Outliers it is just not possible… Yet.

  • No one has been “doing” social media for 10yrs.
  • It takes hard work over time. Not a piece of software that guarantees thousands of connections.
  • Luck… well we will see…

There will be social media experts, and I am interested to see who they are… right now what we have is community. We need to use our community to ramp up as quick as we can based on success and failures of others. Examples are a great way to learn.

What communities are you involved in that help you learn?

– Reed

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Reed Smith