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Every Hospital needs an Insider


Over the last couple of days I have seen several online post here in the Austin, Tx area telling central Texas residents (and others) that the new W Hotel is holding “casting calls” to hire 300 people to work at the new location.

I was looking at this story on the local Fox affiliate website. It is really what you would expect to see… openings for front desk, engineering, accounting, and spa positions (among others… which by the way they refer to housekeeping as the style department…nice touch!). Then as I scanned down I noticed anther role… The Insider:

The W Hotel is seeking candidates with unparalleled local knowledge to serve full-time as the property’s sole insider. This role, unique to the W brand, will be the face of W Austin familiar to new and returning guests and committed to ensuring that all guests are welcomed, wowed and delighted from arrival through departure.

Hospitals need this role… I see many hospitals/systems across the country who have added roles like Chief Experience Officer but who interfaces with patients, families, physicians, and referring facilities to make sure they are “wowed”? Not communicated with but “wowed”.

Social media can help! I think the goal of social media should be to “wow” our online communities with transparency, service, knowledge, and communication.

Again we have the tools/platforms in place to accomplish this… To start we need to focus less on “marketing” and more on serving.

Thoughts? How are hospitals/healthcare organizations using social tools to serve?

– Reed

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Reed Smith