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Benefit vs Privacy 2010


In a recent blog post Seth Godin asked the question:

“Do you actually care about privacy? To which he concluded “I’m not sure you do.” Seth then goes on to talk about that your real concern is being surprised.

This is a great post and really gets to the core of what people mean when they talk about privacy (IMO). In heathcare we know others have knowledge about our medical conditions (otherwise it would be hard to get treated) we just don’t want to be surprised (in a number of ways) by someone who we did not realize knew our “private” information.

But where does benefit come into play? Is it wrong to assume that we only care about privacy until the benefit outweighs the concern?

As the use of social media grows and we continue to connect employees with leaders, physicians with patients, etc… I want to hear your thoughts on Privacy and how it relates to social media uses healthcare.

– Reed

[photo | Michael Francis McCarthy]

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Reed Smith