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3 Qualities of a Good Storyteller

It is hard to say what are the best qualities of storyteller, but from my experience…here are the first three that come to mind.

1) Good Listener

We listen with eyes, ears, and hearts to hear the world around us. We walk into a room and use all our sense to see and hear the world around us. We are completely in-tune with our surroundings and we gravitate to the story that emerges. We listen first then make a decision how to capture the story.

2) Proficient Technician

We must be highly skilled and understand our trade completely. Whether we are a great writer, editor, photojournalist, videographer…we must be skilled and prepared. And when the story presents itself, the technology does not limit us; yet we execute seamlessly to capture, tell, and share the story.

3) Amplification

We have to fully know and understand “our” audience. We also fully understand our ability to leverage that listening voice. We must be able to not only share our story…but share that story in a way that reaches that audience at the right time and in the right place.

As storytellers…we are advocates. We are advocates for finding and telling rich stories. Our goal is to help organizations to find content advocates, storytellers inside organizations.

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Bobby Rettew