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The Gap Between More and Enough


photo via flickr

Working in the world of new technology I struggle with the more vs enough equation. When do I need to pursue new technologies, platforms, apps, or gadgets and when do I need to stick with what I have – with what works?

I see this with hospitals as well. There are so many unused Twitter accounts among hospitals. They were originally setup because other hospitals had one, or a consultant/agency told them they needed one.

It is important to also know when a new medium comes along that you should pursue. Here are my thoughts on when you should pursue “more”

  • When it directly impacts or meets the needs of those you serve
  • When it fits into an existing growth strategy
  • When it helps you grow – personally or professionally

If what you are doing meets any of the above I bet the ROI will follow. Of course you need to be sure you are measuring but that is a whole other topic!

The gap between more and enough is measured by ROI. At some point more is just more.

Question: How to decide when to enter a new platform, try a new app, or pursue a new medium?

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Reed Smith