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Recap: THA Social Media Summit 2012


via: @chrisboyer

Last week I had the opportunity to attend and speak (you can grab my sides here) at the Texas Hospital Association’s 2012 Social Media Summit here in Austin. It is always great to be able to come together and interact with hospitals who are in the trenches everyday to hear and understand what the challenges are and where they see opportunity.

I was very fortunate to also have time (more than once) to sit and talk with Lee Aase, Chris Boyer, Ed Bennett, Greg Matthews, and Dr. Bryan Vartabedian. It is not very often you can get that much brain power together at once.

Here are 3 themes that I heard from that conversation(s) – (my interpretation)

  1. Decisions going forward need to be data driven
  2. The foundation of social is not technology… it’s content creation
  3. Technology moves so fast that we (those in this space) will always be pioneering

Question: If this is the case what does that mean moving forward?

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Reed Smith