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Call For Hospitals – A Facebook Study

f_logoAs a consultant to hospitals across the country I am seeing a need. Hospitals want a prescriptive process to roll out. Simple answers to the basic questions in social media.

Most hospitals are having to deal with the reduction in staff, and social media engagement is struggling. Some hospitals do really well while others are doing the best they can. If we were able to put together a very prescriptive process it would take some of the guessing out “how to do” social media.

As a start I am looking for a couple of dozen hospitals willing to let me analyze their Facebook insights. This will allow me to better convey to hospitals things like:

  • what topics do well
  • what time of day should I post updates
  • and how many times a week is a good frequency

The organizations in the study will recognized but not matched up with their specific data at anytime. This is not about who does or doesn’t do it well, it is more about what we can learn.

I in no way want to have any influence on existing strategy or be part of implementation efforts on Facebook. I simply want to just analyze the insights based on what is currently being done to see what observations come out of it.

So what’s in it for you? As a trade off for your willingness to participate I will offer up a recap call where I will provide my insights around the findings and what this could mean for your organization.

If this is something your organization would like to be a part of simply ping me on Twitter or on this site here.

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Reed Smith