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Running a campaign in Pinterest, and How to Measure it.

I have been playing around with Pinerly a bit lately. More and more hospitals are using Pinterest and this is an interesting dashboard that allows you to track the success of a “campaign” (something you pin) by showing you clicks, likes, repins, and reach for all your pins in one place.

Most of these stats you can obtain within Pinterest itself. The advantage to this is you can see all your campaign numbers in one place versus scrolling though all your pins and trying to keep track. The metric here that I find so interesting is reach. As people repin your post it of course amplifies your reach. Pinerly does a good job of giving you that dashboard view into activity on your account.

Below is an example of four hospital marketing ads that I pined yesterday as a test to see how Pinerly tracks. You can see a few were clicked on and a few repined. All in all it would allow me to see what ads resinate with my audience. (If you would like to follow and contribute to my hospital advertising board you can find it here. If you would like to be a contributor to the board ping online casino me on Twitter and let me know.)

Three ways you can use Pinerly to be more effective as a hospital marketing director:

  • Use the metrics to see what you audience likes. This could be a focus group of sorts. Post several versions of the same ad (or campaign) and see which one wins! What ad got the most likes, repins, clicks, etc.
  • Use reach to gauge how well your community is growing on Pinterest. Reach along with followers will help you understand not just how many people are following your pins but, though engagement, how many people are seeing your pins.
  • Use the dashboard to see what boards perform the best. If you have your boards broken up by topic then the dashboard will allow you to gauge the board (or topic) that is ultimately the most popular and resinates most with your followers.

It has been a few months… How is Pinterest entering into your marketing activities?

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Reed Smith