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2 Twitter and Facebook Productivity Tips for Healthcare Marketers

When talking with hospital marketing directors, about social media, one of the most common concerns I hear is – “I don’t have time.”

We are working in a time where productivity and FTE count are on all CFO’s radars. We have to work smart! Below are 2 tools you can use to make sure you don’t fall victim to tweeting and posting on Facebook only when you have time.

Use these 2 tools and make sure you are being effective with your postings:

  1. Understand when your followers are online РI have seen time and time again organizations post a hand full of updates each morning all at once. This is not a great idea. Ideally you want to spread them out though out the day.  With this said how do you know when the ideal time to post is? I would recommend a tool like SocialBro. SocialBro will scan you followers and help you understand the best times to post updates. In addition you can also browse your followers, download them locally, filter and sort, etc.
  2. Schedule out your day(s) – If you post all your content for the day at once you might as well do it with a tool that lets you space it out to maximize your reach. I recommend Buffer. Buffer allows you a simple bookmarklet (and other tools) to schedule Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn updates on the fly. Once logged in you can set your frequency for each platform and see basic analytics around each of your post. Buffer also allows you to tie in your link shortening tool like so all your trackable links are in once place.

Bonus Tip: The great thing about these tools as they work together. Once you use SocialBro to figure out when to update your followers then you can push that schedule over to Buffer for implementation. Rinse and repeat every so often and you are golden.

– Reed

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Reed Smith