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Blogging: Repurpose Content

Tips for Your Medical Practice Blog

Repurpose: The information you already provide your patients on a daily basis is GREAT content for blog posts.

  • Identify the most commonly asked questions from patients calling your office. Consider turning each of these questions, along with a helpful answer and explanation, into a blog post.
  • Take a look at what patient education pieces you have around your office. Helpful tips on how patients should care for themselves or other resources you recommend can be re-worked into short blog posts. Consider providing some insight into WHY these health tips are important. Encourage people to call and make an appointment if they have more questions.
  • Physicians have CVs and a lot of years of training. Your patients ‘expect’ this. What they may not expect is to read why you became a doctor and to learn about aussie online casinos why you blackjack chose your area of expertise. Personal stories are a great way to make a connection with your patients. Even more interesting are short video clips of you and your team speaking directly to the viewer. These short messages do not need to be any longer than one minute.
  •  Pharmaceutical companies also have great patient education materials you can refer to and they may even have interactive content like videos or photos you can use to make your blog posts more interactive.

Time to get blogging!  

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Jennifer Dunn