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Stop Waiting for Me to Cancel

Just yesterday my wife and I decided to cancel our home phone. We just simply don’t need it. If you can not get a hold of me outside of calling my home phone number than I probably don’t want to talk to you… Most of you can probably say the same these days?

So I call AT&T U-verse to request they disconnect my phone service. Keep in mind that I also have my TV and Internet packages through this same service.

I will say the gentleman who helped me was great! He was very friendly, helpful, knowledgable, and understanding. Things could not have gone better. He:

  • Disconnected my home phone
  • Discounted my TV package
  • Discounted my Internet package
  • Gave me free movie channels for 3 months
  • Discounted installing another set-top box on my garage TV.

I was extremely pleased. Most of the discounts he gave me were his ideas… I did not ask for any discount/added benefit other than on the install. When I got off the phone I got to thinking about this. In short I am sure he noticed that I was canceling a service and wanted to make sure that did not start a trend that would include the other services I have with them.

This is not unique. I have noticed for years now if I want to actually accomplish anything with a service provider I almost always have to threaten to cancel to get anyone who can help me.

Are we guilty of this in healthcare? Don’t we always pick our best and brightest for the service recovery roles? Why don’t we use our best employees to provide the service and not the recovery?

– Reed




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Reed Smith