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Who from the hospital should Tweet?

Some time back I posted a simple TwtPoll on my Twitter account asking:

As a patient or family member what hospital representative do you want to see Tweets from most?”

Here are the results:


So what does this mean for you in marketing?

  1. Show this data to your CEO and other senior staff members, and help educate them on why this is such an important communication medium.
  2. Help them understand no one wants to hear from Marketing, and that you need to involve clinical staff.
  3. Put together a list of potential content creators and then educate them on Twitter/social media.
  4. After you have senior level buy-off and you have educated your staff of Tweeters use their input to develop an educational calendar.
  5. Work your plan!

Become a project manager.

  • You will still need to monitor the brand and on Twitter there are many tools to do this.
  • Make sure you keep your content/editorial calendar in front of you and keep on your content creators to stay active.
  • When questions and responses come in make sure they are answered/followed on in a timely fashion.
  • Measure… show results of interactions to senior leaders and close the loop on why this was so important.

Just a few quick thoughts this morning… what advice would you offer on using Twitter?

– Reed

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Reed Smith