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My 9 iPad Apps I Use Everyday


Many others have reviewed iPad apps and even given suggestions, so I thought why not…

The iPad (you know: “A magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price…”) is becoming more and more part of my daily work flow. I find myself not needing my laptop as much while on the go. The iPad has allowed me to have access (through many of these apps) to so much more information on the fly than before. I am sure over the next six months we will see apps continue to mature on the iPad and make the device even more useful. But for now here are my 9 iPad Apps I use everyday.

SkyGrid (free)- Great news app for the way I like to read what is happening. Simple interface that includes social integration.

ESV Bible HD (free) – I have downloaded and tried many Bible applications and this is one of my favorite. I love the way the navigation is set and the ability to search, bookmark, notate, and share verses via email or Twitter.

Evernote (free) – Many have written about the advantage and usefulness of Evernote so I wont go on and on, but this is my go to application for meeting notes and keeping track of action items that come from those meetings. 

Reeder ($4.99) – So far this is the best RSS reader I have found for the iPad. I like the UI and the ability to share post socially, email a link or save the post for later. Plus I like the way they spell their name!

Osfoora HD ($3.99) – I have tried probably all the Twitter apps for the iPad and I just have not gotten all that excited about any of them. Osforra HD is probably the closest to what I like. The UI is very clean, it has threaded discussions for the DMs, and feels feature rich. Everyone has their favorite I am sure but this one just works the way I feel it should.

iWork for iPad ($9.99/ea) – I have not downloaded Numbers but do use Keynote and Pages. As you would imagine these are very well done and will handle 95% of what you need on the go. I am not sure I would create many documents from Pages but it is great to edit and adjust on the go. Keynote is surprisingly easy to use on the iPad and if I was in a pinch I could see myself creating a few quick slides.

GoodReader ($0.99) – Good app for keeping documents your iPad. Very hand in opening up email attachments at which point it will keep the attachment in GoodReader. The best part is being able to access files from services like: Google Docs, Dropbox,, iDisk, or even a simple FTP server.

Dropbox (free) – while GoodReader is very helpful Dropbox is more of a service, like Evernote, that allows me to have a bulk of documents live on all my platforms. I keep commonly used files in Dropbox so they sync and are ready to access from my iMac, Macbook Pro, iPhone, or iPad. Very useful. 

So there you have it… 9 applications I use daily on my iPad. What others do you suggest?


(image credit: Flickr : bfishadow)

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Reed Smith