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How Livestrong could have helped Apple fix “Antenagate”


A lot has been made about Apple and how they handled “antenagate 2010.” If you followed along you know the issues with the iPhone 4 and signal strength that comes from holding the phone a certain way. All of this can be fixed by using a case, etc, etc…

In the course of this I noticed a  that referenced posts by The iPhone Guru, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and CrunchGear telling readers to use a Livestrong yellow band as a fix.

So here is where Apple should have stepped in…

  1. Apple should have reached out to Livestrong and collaborated on a yellow Apple Bumper Case with Livestrong branding like the bracelets.
  2. Apple then should have announced they would give out (like they did with their current cases) free Livestrong Yellow Bumper Cases (One per customer, purchase extras).
  3. For each one given away or sold a dollar (just like the bracelets) would go to Livestrong”s global fight on cancer.

This would have accomplished two things…

  1. Apple would have created a large sum of money for the cancer fight.
  2. Apple would have had a much different story told in the media.

Apple is not use to having to deal with these types of scenarios but in this case (no pun intended) they had a great opportunity to make a positive out of a negative… I still think a Livestrong bumper case from Apple would be a great product regardless.

Click here to learn more about Livestrong and their mission

– Reed

[image source: Livestrong]


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Reed Smith