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Yellow Pages VS On-line Marketing

Does your medical practice or hospital still need paid telephone directory ads?

Come on, admit it.  You’re not sure what to do about that nagging, not so little, budget line for the yellow pages.  It arrives on doorsteps all over town without an invitation (still!!!!).  It sits under inches of dust, or plants, or props open doors.  Your muffler shop is still advertising in there and so is your competitor.  You wonder again and again about your ad or ads:  “Is this the best use of my marketing dollars?”

Well we’re not yellow pages salespeople and we’re guessing THEY have a compelling reason for your facility or office to still advertise with them. What we CAN suggest is that spending the time to develop a well-rounded on-line marketing strategy with tactics and initiatives to increase your search exposure, keep the content on your site new and interesting, and investing in a mobile version of your site are all things that won’t end up getting a swift kick into the recycling bin.

So as you build your marketing plan, and ogle the dollars being sent to one (or more???) of your local phone directory companies, why not consider how your website might serve you better than static yellow pages:

  • Search Engine Optimization. Let us help you zero in on the best way for your customers to find you—instead of picking where you will be listed once per year, why not be sure to be where your customers are looking for you.
  • Mobile Site. No need for a phone book or directory assistance! Get your phone numbers, maps and directions and other important information in front of your consumers who are on-the-go and looking for you from their smart phones.
  • Speaking of maps.  When you add, move or close locations, a printed map in the yellow pages immediately becomes a useless tool.  Why not give your consumers the most current snap shot of where your locations are and provide driving directions to boot!
  • Measurement.  Other than measuring how thick the yellow pages are, can you really measure how many people see your ad?  Website traffic and pay-per-click campaigns not only deliver a call to action, they can be tracked!  You will know exactly how effective your on-line marketing tactics are by reviewing the analytics. You can even establish a conversion factor to determine a truly measurable result for your site or your campaign.

PS: No trees were destroyed during the creation of this web

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Jennifer Dunn