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National Cancer Survivor’s Day

Websites and Social Media Are A Great Way to Mark the Day

According to the National Cancer Survivor’s Day Foundation, June 6th, which is Cancer Survivor’s Day, is the world’s largest survivor’s event. If cancer services and support are among the things offered within your organization, we think that this is a great time to update your website and use some social media tools to promote what you do!Just a few ideas and suggestions:

  • Use Facebook to promote an event planned by your organization that day. A great way to feature and share information about your event, Facebook can help you build awareness and collect RSVPs.
  • Add video via YouTube and a photo gallery tool, like Flickr, to share the stories and the images of the survivors associated with your services.
  • In the spirit of partnership, contact your local American Cancer Society or otherlocal organizations that provides cancer support services to add links to their survivors’ community, events, classes and support groups.
  • Create your own private social network for cancer survivors to connect with one another.

    Whatever plans you have to mark this event, let us help you bring those to the community via your website and social media.

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Jennifer Dunn