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Give Your Nurses Their 15 Minutes of Fame

2010 Nurses Week is May 6-12th

A great way to honor and celebrate the nurses at your hospital is to use your website to profile and feature your nursing staff during Nurses Week.  Build awareness about the great nurses on your staff while also positioning your hospital’s commitment to quality and personalized care.  Add information to your home

page and/or build out a special section of your site in honor of Nurses Week:

  • Profiles on key nurses.
  • Build an on-line photo gallery of your nurses at work in the hospital and at community events
  • Invite comments and stories via the web, and post online.  Leverage social media tools to share some of the best messages left by visitors to your website.  Pose daily inquiries or questions like:

“Tell us about a time when a nurse made a difference in your life.”

  • Announce any awards or recognitions given to nursing staff during this week.
  • Post a special thank you note from your CEO or your hospital’s board, or develop a video of patients and doctors saying thank you.

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Jennifer Dunn