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When was the last time you Penned (not Pinned)?

Have we lost what we once had? I was raised by my parents who made (in a lot of cases) me write thank you notes to every...

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5 Easy Ways to Identify Great Storytellers

I love this quote by Jessica Baris. I think it fully describes the unique traits of a storyteller. These people are all ...

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Who are the Storytellers: Download the eBook

Personal stories connect us to each other and to brands. Hospitals and hospital marketing teams are unique groups to tel...

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3 Qualities of a Good Storyteller

It is hard to say what are the best qualities of storyteller, but from my experience…here are the first three that com...

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Expert Interview #1 :: Bobby Rettew

“Expert Interview” is a new series of posts I am planning to do over the coming year. My plan is to ask the ...

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